Saturday, February 26, 2011

Firefox 4 Beta 12: last step before final version

Firefox 4 beta-version twelve has been released. It has over seven thousand corrections which improved browser's performance and stability. Also, version twelve has enhanced support for Flash and different plug-ins.

Primary updates for FireFox 4 are:
  • JagerMonkey - new, much fast engine for processing JavaScript;
  • The use of Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10 and OpenGL to accelerate web-page visualization;
  • Enhanced support for different fonts;
  • Support for safe protocol HSTS;
  • Includes FireFox Sync module, which had to be installed separately from the application
  • Easier sorting and navigation of bookmarks
You may download FireFox 4 Beta 12 from here. According to our sources, this version will be the last version before final release. Reminder, FireFox 4 Final has been scheduled to come out at the end of February but recently has been rescheduled for March.

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