Thursday, December 2, 2010

StarCraft 2 for iPad

iSwifter decided to surprise Blizzard fans and implement StarCraft 2 into Apple iPad platform. At first, it may seen like playing the game without a mouse is difficult but honestly iPad is the ideal platform for this game. YouTube already contains a live video which is 7 minutes long of a person playing StarCraft 2 on iPad.

StarCraft 2 was released this summer of 2010. Since the release, StarCraft 2 has captured the hearts of many previous fans and even new developing gamers (noobs). Blizzard is cautiously monitoring user security, in result constantly blocking cheaters. Soon, Blizzard will penalize cheaters even more. How and when we still don't know.

Green GTX 460 SE from Inno3D

Just like the accelerated model GTX 460, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE is equipped with two power supply inputs. Although, Inno3D company presented a new model GTX 460 SE Green Edition which has only one external power supply input.

New graphics accelerator is called Inno3D GeForce GTX460SE Green 1GB. The card is slightly less in size than standard graphics cards. GTX 460 SE contains the following inputs: DVI, VGA, and HDMI.

Inno3D GTX 460 SE Green Edition has 288 threaded processes, 1GB video memory GDDR5 with 256-bit interface, and core frequency, shader block and memory are as follow: 650, 1300, and 850 MHz.

This video card is available for purchase for about $190.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded

Interceptor Entertainment team launched a website dedicated to Duke Nukem 3D. Developers announced gathering of resources to create this shooting game. In the future, developers will release a beta-testing project where gamers will be able to battle on two maps using a set of pre-defined types of weapons.

Developers will bring life to once forgotten game using upgraded graphics and advanced game play. Duke Nukem 3D will allow gamers to go back in time and revisit lost places to remember how everything once began. Things like, levels, weapons, monsters will be enhanced and upgraded. Interceptor Entertainment was given full rights to implement Unreal Engine 3 (from Gearbox Software) in the upcoming project Duke Nukem 3D.

Shotgun versus a rocket in Call of Duty: Black Ops

A few Call of Duty: Black Ops fans decided to put myths to the test. To show you these tests, they made a video with various viewing angles. Final conclusion for Call of Duty: Black Ops (and its myths) is: you can destroy a flying rocket using shotgun, you can dive over a flying rocket, take down chopper which delivers ammunition, and much more. Check out the video below:

Microsoft sold 2.5 million Kinect controllers

Kinect, the awaited Xbox 360 controller is setting records. It is now known as most sold product on black-Friday competing with Apple iPad and Apple iPhone 4. Microsoft states, they sold 2.5 million controllers in the first 25 days.

Microsoft predicted to sell about 5 million controllers by the end of this year (2010). Kinect controller is being sold in 60 thousand retail stores in 38 different countries.

Keep in mind that Sony has released its controller Move as well. Sony has sold over 2.5 million controllers as well but it took them a month. Mainly, Move controller has been sold in United States (1 million controllers) and Europe (1.5 million controllers).

ADATA S101 USB Drive Superior Series

ADATA Technology Co. has announced the release of their new USB Drive on USB 2.0.

ADATA S101 model weighs only 4 grams and has a nice design with dimensions: 33.5 x 16.5 x 6.5 mm. The outer layer of USB drive is covered with black leather and uses a special sliding mechanism for convenience. Developers were able to achieve such small and compact sizes using Chip on Board technology.

ADATA S101 is supported by life time warranty from the manufacturer and comes in various storage capacity, such as: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. Price is unknown.

HTC HD7 Death Grip (signal problems)

After Apple has openly admitted signal problems with first iPhone 4 almost every other manufacturing brand announced that this has never happened to their phones. Recently after this, Apple uploaded a video online of many other smart phones losing signal if held in a certain way.

A video posted by AdvancedSafetyDevice shows a deadly grip for HTC HD7 which causes loss of signal to smart phone. You may argue that two inches displacement could be a factor but I disagree. Here, take a look for yourself:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Epic Monkey new way of gaming

Epic Monkey has been recently released for Nintendo Wii. Even Game Trailers appreciated the work completed by game developers of Junction Point Studios. This is the first game where the very popular Mickey Mouse will be the main role. The game is played through manipulating decorations of the world. Mickey uses a paint brush to remove walls, doors, and/or add additional structures to pass through levels. Mickey is capable of fighting other characters in the game but that's only the secondary function as playing tricks with a brush will be funner and looks cooler.

The game is approximately 15 hours long but it has numerous endings so playing the game more than once will give you a chance to see how things could have turned out if you painted elsewhere.

Star Wars is not Kinect appropriate

Boss in Sony's research development area Anton Mihajlov stated his opinion regarding Star Wars on Xbox 360 with Kinect implementation. Anton's concerns that gamers will not experience full game effect of playing the game when the gamer has nothing in his hand. Move, on the other hand is more likely to provide gamers with a feeling of actual participation in the game play when using lightsaber. Anton doesn't understand how a gamer should take on the role of main actor with nothing in his hand.

The last project for Star Wars is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. The new version has excellent fight scenes, physics and special effects. Main hero will spend most of his time fighting huge robots and break doors using energy punches.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 works on PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo.

Portal Gun Replica will auctioned

After the release of Portal in 2007 designer Harrison Krix created an exact replica of the virtual portal gun.

December 7 in Seattle, is going to be a Child's Play Charity fond in which participates around 60 different hospitals. We don't know initial price of Portal Gun but estimates have been made that it's within four digit range. After viewing the video you'll notice the designer has successfully replicated Portal Gun with the use of precise coloring and detail. Enjoy.

Team Group TP1023: Hard Drive Ferrari style

Team Group company based from Taiwan announced release of new hard drive design in Ferrari style. Design and concept has been presented during Computex 2010 in June.

The key feature of TP1023 is its design. Casing resembles Ferrari style and colors (black and red). Also, Team Group placed their logo in the shield like piece just like Ferrari logo.

Dimensions: 140.7 x 86.5 x 23.2 mm. New hard drives include 8 MB memory cache, 5400 RPM, interface USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. This series comes in ranges of: 500 GB, 640 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB. Prices are currently unavailable.

Upgraded MacBook Pro Release in 2011

Unofficial rumors indicate Apple is planning to upgrade their MacBook Pro in April 2011. MacBook Pro (if it comes out) will have a new 512 GB hard drive which supports Light Peak technology delivering file transfer at 10 GB/s (in future possibly increasing to 100 GB/s). As you may know, Light Peak technology is being developed by Intel and Apple as an alternative to USB 3.0. Earlier this year Intel representative mentioned the release of Light Peak in 2011. Possibly, MacBook Pro is where we will see its implementation.

Another rumor going around is that upgraded MacBook Pro will not have an optical drive and will contain a new version of Final Cut Pro, which also begins official release in 2011.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

UEFA Champions League November 23, 2010 Matches (watch live)

UEFA Champtions League matches will be broadcasted live on November 23, 2010. There are total of eight matches mainly going on at the same time (20:45). Be sure to check these games out. We will be posting a link to watch each match live online for free. There will be many streaming links, select the one which works best with your internet connection. Some of those links will require external applications to play the video. Most of those external applications to watch live soccer online are freeware and you can download them for free.

Watch Roma vs. Bayern Live For Free
Watch Basel vs. CFR Cluj Live For Free
Watch Spartak Moskva vs. Marseille Live For Free
Watch Chelsea vs. Zilina Live For Free
Watch Ajax vs. Real Madrid Live For Free
Watch Auxerre vs. AC Milan Live For Free
Watch Braga vs. Arsenal Live For Free
Watch Partizan vs. Shakhtar Donetsk Live For Free


A link to watch all matches online will be posted 30 minutes to an hour before kick-off. Please comment if you were able to watch the or not so we can serve you better during future matches.

Monday, November 15, 2010

AC Milan versus Fiorentina (watch live game for free)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

On Saturday November 20th there are two Serie A games.

First game AS Roma vs. Udinese - 12:00 ET.
Second game AC Milan vs. Fiorentina - 14:45 ET.

Watch AS Roma vs Udinese For Free Online - click on the link
(links will be available 30 minutes to an hour before game start)

Watch AC Milan vs Fiorentina For Free Online - click on the link
(links will be available 30 minutes to an hour before game start)

Veemi - Link
VShare - Link
EspaTV - Link
Veemi - Link
Veemi - Link
WebCastOn - Link
freedocst - Link
Veetle - Link
EspaTv - Link
Veemi - Link
Veemi - Link
Veemi - Link
EspaTV - Link
ZoneIn - Link
Veetle - Link
Veemi - Link
Veemi - Link
Veemi - Link
EspaTV - Link
BoxLive - Link
Veemi - Link
Veemi - Link
Veemi - Link
Veetle - Link
freedocst - Link

You can watch free live soccer/football games online. No registration, no payment, no login required. Just find a channel which works best for you with your language preference and enjoy free lives soccer match for on us.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

PHP: How to use multiple combo boxes

At one point or another you will have to generate a separate combo box for each row retrieved from database or just a large sum of combo boxes in general. Creating unique variable names for each combo box is possible but a hassle and a waste of time. Therefor, I present to you an example on how to generate and process multiple combo boxes on the same page.

Here is the code, explanation is below it:

1. Create a form tag with an action to send the script back to the same page and method using POST.
2. Generate as many combo boxes as you like, this examples uses three.
3. Create your submit button and close form tag.
4. Check if submit button has been pressed and use '@' to ignore any errors raised by the statement. Because if the send button isn't pressed you'll get a warning saying $_POST['send'] is undefined or does not exist.
5. If submit test is evaluated to TRUE proceed with looping through array of combo boxes and print the value of each combo box. Here you can do whatever you want with your data.

Before pressing 'OK' each combo box was set to a selection in exactly the same order text is being printed below. Apples, oranges, and grape. Try it yourself.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

PHP: How to exit a for loop or skip iteration

It seems like quite a few people still don't know how to exit various loops. It's really easy and there are two ways you can do this.

First: when you reach a point where you would like to break out of a loop, it would be an if statement most likely just use command "break" to exit the loop. The "break" command just exits the current loop not all loops if you have them nested. This command works with while loops, for loops, and do..while loops.

Second: whenever you reach a point where you would like to exit the loop you can use a "goto" statement to forces jump script another part of the script on the page. To set it up, you place the command "goto goHere" at the point where you want to stop the loop. Then select the area where you would like the script to continue and place "goHere: " statement. Once the script meets your criteria and reaches the "goto" statement it will skip everything and jump to "goHere: " section and proceed from there.

Now, you can also skip loop iterations whenever necessary. Skipping loop iterations is done using "continue" command. This "continue" command does not return anything just skips an iteration and your loop keeps looping as it was before.

Here is an example of all there commands in one script:

As you can see the loop should cycle until $i is less than 100. The iteration is skipped once it reaches 2 and 4. When iteration reaches 5 it forces the script to the last if statement even though variable i does not equal 10 yet. In that if statement we set the variable i to 98 to let the loop finish quickly.


Friday, October 22, 2010

PHP: file_get_contents() exception handling improved (example)

Here is a straight up example on how to effectively call the function file_get_contents() and properly handle its errors with exception handling.

If you're not familiar with exception handling here is the basic run down.

1. We set the link into $url variable which we want to parse.

2. Using try{} block we test our code for errors.

3. Our variable $page_contents has a symbol '@' in front of it, this symbol ignores any errors raised by that piece of code on that line only.

4. Since function file_get_contents() returns only FALSE when it fails we check our variable $page_contents if it equals to FALSE or not.

5. If the variable $page_contents does in fact equal to FALSE this means function file_get_contents() has failed and we don't want to proceed further. So, the line 14 intentionally throws an error at the script with a predefined message. Unlike other programming languages where errors are caught automatically PHP requires this to be done manually.

6. Catch{} block is responsible for catching any errors thrown at it by the try{} block. Catch{} block will handle errors as it is defined, in our case it's just printing the error message.

Exception class itself is quite big and you can modify it to catch different types of errors so dig in and explore.

Post some feedback if you got it working. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PHP: flush and ob_flush example - print output to browser

UPDATE (June 4, 2011): After writing a parsing script in PHP I stumbled on a bad coding technique which kept crushing my script along with the browser (Firefox). This problem was noticed after running my script for longer than an hour. The real problem is not in time it took the script to execute but the amount of output being printed to the screen.

Problem: by using ob_flush() and flush() functions alone the script kept building the buffer size until it reached its peaked and crushed the browser.

Solution: After using echo commands to print your text use ob_get_contents() function to print whatever you have in the buffer. Then, use functions flush() and ob_flush() to discard the buffer. Keep in mind, ob_flush() does not destroy your buffer. Lastly, call the function ob_end_clean() to clean your buffer and start fresh.



The function flush() and ob_flush() are suppose to refresh the screen while the script is still working by outputting buffer to the browser. There are quite a lot of conditions to meet for each browser to make these functions work.

Here is how to make function flush() work without having to modify browser settings:

That's all there is to it. Just run 6 functions consecutively and your buffer will be printed to the screen.

As you can see, the page is still loading but the output is being printed on the screen every 3 seconds. This example uses Mozilla Firefox.

Monday, October 18, 2010

PHP Basics: Your first script/web page

The first and main reason why I like PHP so much is because of its flexibility. There is no need to define, cast, convert variable types all the time. PHP does it for you automatically which makes it so easy to work with.

To continue the following basic tutorial you have to make sure PHP is installed on your machine along with virtual host. Personally, I use EasyPHP. One file, one installation and everything is up and running. Also, make sure you're familiar with basic HTML syntax.

Step 1: Create a file page_one.php in your www folder (or wherever your working localhost directory is).

Step 2: Copy this code from text area into your file and save.

Step 3: Launch the file in your browser. The output you will get is:

My first page

< ?php ?> - These are opening and closing tags for the browser to identify where PHP syntax begins and ends.
echo - Echo statement is used to print information on the page.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

PHP: How to print/echo object properties

When you're in the process of writing code occasionally you will save your work and run the script to see what you have so far. This generally works if you're working with basic variables and arithmetic but when it comes down to arrays and objects the programmable way would be to use foreach or for loop to get results printed on the page.

Well, there is an easier way to get what you want. To print data of your array use this approach and you'll know the contents of your array and multi-dimensional array
$array[0] = "1";
$array[1] = "2";
$array[3] = "3";

After you launch the script, right click the page and select View Source. The result:

     [0] => 1
     [1] => 2
     [2] => 3

Use the same approach to print your object properties quickly:
class Sample{
public $example = 5;

$test = new Sample();

The output for object properties is:
Sample Object
     [example:Sample:public] => 5

Making testing easier one step at a time.

Monday, June 21, 2010

PC beta version for Medal of Honor

EA representatives announced the release of beta installer for Medal of Honor is available on FileFront. Testing has started today. To connect you'll need an access code. For more information on testing the beta version go here.

Medal of Honor will take the gamer nine years back, in the center of Afghan conflict. Main hero will lead a team of various personnel. Player will play a role in small battles and large scale actions. Also, he'll get a chance to save hostages and create various explosions on the terrorist base.

Medal of Honor will be available for sale in November 15. Medal of Honor will be released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Apple iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod touch

Today June 21, 2010 the release of the long time waited Apple iOS 4 has happened. The software update will be available on iTunes to everyone for free who owns iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone 4.

Apple iOS 4 brings users a new experience and functionality, including iPhone's 4 FaceTime and multi-threading for last years iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch third generation.

iOS 4 does not support previous generations of 2007 and cannot be installed on the iPad although Apple promises to expand their software to these platforms. Apple sees the update as a major step through unlike Google's smartphones which require users to wait for months for an update for a particular device and a particular model.

Here are some screen shots of iOS 4 and its functionality. iOS 4 will transfer its functionality of iPhone OS 3.2 (which appeared in iPad) to users of iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • new and improved interface which reminds us of Mac OS X desktop;
  • function to split files in iTunes, which will copy accociated files with appropriate applications and their devices during synchronization with iTunes.
  • Safari - improved suggestion and recommendation search options;
  • HTML5 video clips now may be played right in the browser;
  • included application Apple iBooks for reading books and reading PDF files as well;
  • support for Bluetooth keyboards and grammar spelling everywhere;
  • now users are able to block automatic change of application orientation between album and portrait;
  • new pictogram in the menu which shows active applications in use with GPS or Wi-Fi
These features are included with iPad doesn't have and won't have until fall.

  • multi-threading, which is the most important in the new OS;
  • video conferencing FaceTime, exclusively for iPhone 4;
  • organizing applications on the screen, all you have to do is drag the item where you want it to be and the icons will group themselves;
  • support for Microsoft Bing in Safari as an alternative search engine;
  • new function to use Spotlight for launching search through Safari or in Wikipedia;
  • support for search in SMS-messeges;
  • improved email box for personal posting;
  • improved picture/album functionality;
  • ability to focus the camera by pressing on the area of the screen while recording (for iPhone 3GS and new phones), improved digital zoom and improved LED-flashlight;
  • support for pin code longer than 4 numbers;
  • support reading for the blind, connecting through Bluetooth and sound output virtual keyboard;
  • support for viewing YouTube in portrait format;
  • improved functionality with favorites;
Apple indicates that new iOS already has over 1,500 new APIs, most of them are exotic but few will manage to capture general users' attention:

  • support for IPv6 and SSL VPN network;
  • new ways of accessing the camera: improved HTTP Live Streaming viewing;
  • CoreMotion for indepth use of the compass in iPhone 4;
  • support for built-in calendar through Calendar Event Kit;
  • built-in advertising iAd, deeply into the OS, nothing but another way of mobile advertising;
  • support for improved and extended OpenGL ES for hard shadows and full screen smoothing;
  • new Game Center also is included in iOS for developers to be able to deploy it later on this year;
  • new, improved and faster APIs present hundreds of mathematical functions optimized for iPhone and iPod.
These are only few of the features Apple improved and built into the new OS for iPhone and iPod users.

Corsair Flash Padlock 2 - twice the memory

Corsair released a new version of their product Flash Padlock 2. The first flash device had an 8GB storage capacity and a locking code. This time developers introduced a new version of Flash Padlock 2 which has twice the memory.

Flash Padlock 2 has a pretty hit proof casing with 2.0 USB interface. Device uses a cap to protect the USB connector from getting damaged. To protect your personal information everything that being stored on the Flash Padlock 2 is coded using an AES algorithm and 256-bit key. Also, you can place a personal lock on the device to prevent unauthorized use and hacking using a digital keyboard on the Flash Padlock.

You place an order for this device in various online stores for only $90.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops no cooperative gaming

Mark Lamia openely said that Call of Duty Black Ops will be left as a single player game. He also indicated that developers will find a place for multi-player gaming later on. Many gamers will be disappointed with this decision as multiplayer plays a major role in gaming and the last version Call of Duty World At War has full multiplayer capabilities.

Call of Duty Black Ops has to be the progressing version after the fall of Infinity Award. The game is a straight continuation of World At War. Developers decided to provide gamers with full World War 2 exeprience. That includes large conflicts of the world and authentic weapons.

Call of Duty Black Ops will be released in November of 2010 on PC, Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3.

Friday, June 4, 2010

1CLICK DVD Copy copy protected DVDs

The new version from LG Software Innovations is better than ever. This utility uses CPRx technology for fixing errors allowing 1CLICK DVD Copy to duplicate DVD with bad sectors and high protection level. Application smoothly by-passes any protection and creates a one-to-one copy of your DVD disc.
1CLICK DVD Copy includes options to burn your new DVDs or just rip DVD content onto your hard drive. Supported formats: NTSC, PAL, and dual-layer DVD.

Developer: LG Software Innovations
Distribution: shareware, $59
Windows OS: Windows All
File size: 4.27 MB
Download from, here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vista Codec Package 5.7.6

Vista Codec Package is the new release for Windows Vista. This package has all the latest codecs which supports most popular video files for Windows Vista, including DVD. The package does not include media player itself because you can use your default player. After installing Vista Codec Package file association does not change.

The last version has updates for ffdshow, gabests filter, WebM support.

Developer: Shark007
Distribution: Free
Windows OS: Windows XP/Vista
File Size: 23 MB
Download from, here.

Win7codecs 2.5.4 for Windows 7

A new release of Win7codecs for Windows 7. The package includes all the latest codecs which allows you to play all video files for Windows 7. The release does not include media player itself because after installing this package you can use any player you want on your computer. Using an interactive interface you can change file association on the fly and multi-layered sound.

The last version has been updated with ffdshow, gabests filter, WebM support.

Developer: Shart007
Distribution: Free
Windows OS: Windows 7
File size: 26 MB
Download from, here.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PHP: cURL using Proxy Example

If you haven't installed PHP and cURL properly first please look in the previous post on how to setup those two languages.

I'm not going to bore you with text and just post the script up as an image and then describe what exactly I've done below.

And here is the proof that the script uses the actual proxy settings.

As you can see the IP address that appears on the second screen shot is identical to the one I used in the script. If you use the same options and you should get the same results.

Now, let's go over the script.

First, $ch variable will store the resource handle created by curl_init() function. This function will not work if your cURL is not setup properly.

curl_setopt - is the function we use to set our properties.

CURLOPT_URL - the url address we want to fetch/read the contents of.
CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER - this is to ensure that the $ch handle will return the actual page instead of a boolean TRUE.
CURLOPT_HTTPPROXYTUNNEL - is used to created a tunnel for proxy use.
CURLOPT_PROXY - this is where you place your IP address with the Port number.
CURLOPT_PROXYAUTH - is the proxy authentication option which I don't even know what it does but it works.

$data variable stores the result from executing the $ch handle using curl_exec() function. If there was an error the function will return FALSE. This is why for testing purposes I included curl_errno() function and curl_error() function to view the error number and the error message. I had enough guessing for one day.

If you follow the second screen shot you'll notice the error number is 0 (zero) meaning everything is good.

We then close the $ch handle. You have to place curl_errno() and curl_error() functions before closing the handle because then the variable is just not accessible or doesn't exist.

The two if statements that follow simply check for the result, again this was for me to see what has been returned by the function. The second screen shot also shows the statement "wow, the result is true" to let me know that everything worked just fine.

Lastly, I output the $data variable to confirm the fetching of the website. While testing this script with number of different proxy IP addresses and links I experienced two errors. Error number 7 (couldn't connect to host) and error number 56 (the proxy return 403...) I am not sure why some of these popped up even though I tested proxies with other tools and they worked just fine.

If you have found a better solution please leave it in a comment I would be glad to learn more. Let me what know if this has worked for you and if not I'll try to help you out as much as I can.


PHP and cURL for Windows OS

Hey guys,

I have stumbled upon a problem where I had to take advantage of the cURL language to use proxy. I didn't want to use sockets as I read it would be the longer way. I've spent over four hours trying different methods, testing different pieces of code to achieve a simple goal which is to be able to surft a page using PHP with Proxy.

Finally, after installing a bunch of DLL files, installing/removing different applications I had enough and deleted everything. I cleaned my computer from any possible PHP or Apache related folders and files. Instead I installed EasyPHP application version 5.3.2i.

So, here is the steps I took in order to make PHP and cURL work together with proxy.

1. Install the latest EasyPHP application. The setup file in the link includes PHP, Apache, MySQL, and PHPMyAdmin. You don't have to download anything else unless you want to.

2. Right click EasyPHP in the taskbar, hover over Configuration and in the slide-menu select PHP Extensions.

3. Place a check mark on the php_curl setting (even if it is red) and click Apply. Then Close.

4. Right click EasyPHP in the taskbar and select Explore. This will open up your www folder where you will store all your files with .php extension.

5. Inside your www folder create a test.php file to check if you have properly installed PHP and cURL. Inside your test.php script place this code:

6. Right click EasyPHP in the taskbar and select Local Web. This will open up your local server page with that test.php file you created. Click on the test.php file you see on the page to run it.

7. Press CTRL + F to open the search box and search for "curl support". Your results should come up just like the picture below. If you have followed my instructions properly cURL support will be indicated as enabled.

That's it for setting up cURL with PHP on Windows OS.

To see a working example, CLICK HERE.

Windows 7 Manager 1.2.4 optimizator for new OS

A new version of Windows 7 Manager has been released. The program contains around 30 utilities built to increase performance and security in your operating system. Windows 7 Manager shows detailed information regarding computer components and currently working processes. Using this application you will be able to speed up Windows 7 booting performance as well as shutting down sequence, perform a complete search for unused and duplicate files and removing them, fix registry keys, defragment the registry, turn off system updates and error reporting log. Windows 7 Manager includes many other manageable settings, like change start-up screen, change context menu, setup an automated wallpaper changing system.

The latest release of this application has been equipped with a desktop calendar, updated modules for security, for uninstalling applications, for searching duplicate files and for cleaning the registry.

Manufacturer: Yamicsoft Software
Distribution: shareware, $34.95
Windows OS: Windows 7
File size: 6 MB
Download from here.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Treyarch is happy to do something new in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Mark Lamia recently announced that his team is very happy that they are finally allowed to take on a new challenge in developing Call of Duty: Black Ops. He states that developers enjoy working on the World War 2 theme and advancing into a further stage of their game development allows them for some additional artistic creativity.

Black Ops will take gamers to a new gaming level where users will be able to visit large number of locations, use large variety of weapon selection and learn some historic facts. During single player missions, players won't be tied down to their team any more. Player will be able to wonder away and accomplish the mission as he sees best. This new approach is moving towards more mobility and interaction.

Call of Duty: Black Ops will be released in the of 2010. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. The game is promised to deliver excited single-player mode as well as cooperative mode.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 released in September

According to Atari (official website) the new version Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be released September 24, 2010 in Europe. In United States, the game will be released September 21, 2010.

The website already started to generated pre-orders for Xbox 360 and PS3. For pre-ordering gamers there will be a bonus of a new car with a yellow body and a beautiful interior. Soon we'll be able to get our hands on the beta-version before the game comes out.

The primary goal of Test Drive Unlimited 2 is the multiplayer mode. The game is developed for real people on virtual tracks. Keep in mind, NFS World is being released this summer as well so there is competition out there.

Computex 2010: Original video cards Gigabyte GTX 465 and HD 5750

GV-R575SL-1GI received a new cooling system which (according to the developer) is 25% more effective. New card is built-on 40-nm processor GF100 chip with 352 processors. Graphics adapter GV-N465UD1GI supports DirectX 11 Shader Model 5.0 and OpenGL 4.0, nVidia 3D Vision and nVidia 3D Vision Surround.

This model will be quite interesting to the super quite fans. Users that like to keep their machines quite will love the new radiator. It's logical to suggest that this video card has been built-on Juniper LE chip with 720 processors, working on 700/1150 MHz frequencies. The back panel consists of two DVI ports, one HDMI port and one VGA port.

The cooling system takes up two slots. Even the radiator pipes extend pass the video card spacing.

Intel demonstrates Moorestown platform with MeeGo OS

Intel and Nokia have been actively working on the new operating system MeeGO. First system should be released this year.

The most exciting piece of technology which has been presented by Intel was the prototype platform on Moorestown chip with MeeGo operating system. It is really easy to understand and use the device and you can see that for yourself through this video clip.

There are two main interfaces for this device: desktop panel and a network. The desktop panel is just like your computer desktop which consists of multiple shortcuts to various applications installed on the device. Whichever one you select that one will open up and expand across the screen. The second view is much more interactive. It has all your applications and utilities in one line so to say. Using your fingers you just slide across the screen to view your applications, videos, movies, pictures, books, music, etc. All your Facebook and Tweeter updates are constantly updated without your interference.

Moorestown chip is built-on 1.5 GHz frequency which allows the device to play videos in 720p format. Using the images you can tell that the device is very slim and light in it's physical attributes but the viewing angle isn't that great. We should point out the touch screen is very sensitive which may be a disadvantage when holding the device.

Even though Intel is making clear comments that the device itself and it's operating system is still under heavy construction people that viewed and demoed the system were very pleased and are looking forward to the launch.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sledgehammer takes on the challege of new Call of Duty

Sledgehammer Games is currently recruiting game developers for the new project of well-known and popular game Call of Duty. Sledgehammer Games is playing the quite game and refuse to release and details about the project. They did mention that the new version should attract audience on a larger scale.

While Sledgehammer is staying quite, Treyarch is working hard towards creating Call of Duty: Black Ops. In this game the main character is participating in the elite team which works on the most difficult tasks of cold war. Gamer will get to attend some hot spots of the war, kill a large number of soldiers and help prevent the start of World War 3. We expect a lot from the graphics.

The new Call of Duty should be announced on E3 2010 of this year.