Friday, November 20, 2009

100 Terabyte Flash Drive (USB)

American company ViON presented craziest flash drive in the world. The device HyperStor-6200 has the capacity of 100 Terabytes. Not only does this device set world capacity record but its transfer speed is outstanding as well. HyperStor-6200 is capable of transferring files at 60 GB/s.

The cost of this device is around few hunder thousand dollars. HyperStor-6200 is a desktop device so carrying it in your pocket is not an option.

Would you buy one if you could afford it?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dr. Web scanner deletes BackDoor.Tdss.565

Dr.Web released a new anti-virus update with a graphical interface. Now, the application allows the identification and removal of BackDoor.Tdss.565 trojan program. The update also covers the following utilities: Dr.Web Securiy Space, Anti-virus Dr.Web 5.0 for Windows, Dr.WEb Enterprise Suite, Dr.Web for server files on Windows, Dr.Web CureIt!, Dr.Web CureNet! and also the Anti-Virus Dr.Web service.

BackDoor.Tdss.565 is a new type of trojan which allows the "developers" to take full control over your computer. The following applications will be updated automatically: Dr.Web Security Space, Anti-virus Dr.Web 5.0 for Windows, Dr.Web Enterprise Suite, Dr.Web for server files on Windows, Dr.Web CureNet!, and the users signed up for Anti-Virus Dr.Web service.

The Dr.Web CureIt! utility will have to be downloaded and installed all over again, manually.

A new way of communication: Draw With Your Eyes

The invention was produced by Free Art and Technology (FAT), OpenFrameworks, Graffiti Research Lab, and The Ebeling Group is offering "the second life" to disabled people. Researches developed a unique EyeWriter technology which allows persons to communicate with each other using only one eye. The device uses a camera which scans the apple of eye and reflects a line path which in the end produces an image.

Using a specifically designed software paralyzed human being is capable of drawing on the computer, by using virtual (imaginary) wrists. The person literally pictures him or herself drawing with a wrist. This will cause the eye to move as the person pretends draw, that is where the application is programmed to reflect the changes on the screen. The developers of this device aren't sure how important this tool may be to disabled people so the developers prices the EyeWriter at $50 dollars. The software application which is required to operate the tool and support is absolutely free.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Touch Roulette on iPhone

I wonder if there are fans of Russian Roulette? Most likely the real fans of this game aren't alive any more. But the revolutionary technology is proud to present the first and safe way to play the game. Your safe alternative to Russian Roulette, now you and your friends can enjoy the game without getting harmed. The application is available for iPhone(s).

DS Media Labs, creaters of the application announce that this friendly user game will help to resolve any issue. Honestly, if it's safe why not give it a try. This video will give you an actual idea of the game play:

Google Street View shows the world unusual images

As we all know, there are a lot of people currently unhappy with the service Google Street View because it takes images of people without their permission. But so far Google has managed to successfuly battle with these problems. This recent story shows a woman was brought down by strong winds produced by the rushing emergency vehicle somewhere in Holand.

Google becomes a witness to this incident. In more detail a fire truck was rushing through the small streets of Holand and using its large mass created strong winds/vertex which caused an elder woman to fall of the bike in the middle of the road. The fire truck did not hit the lady, it was just the wind. Seems like a small fact but now the whole world knows about it thanks to Google Street View.

To avoid any conflict with future complaints regarding people's faces being photographed Google started to block people's faces using the blur effect. Also, on this image you can see the license plate on the car being blurred as well. I guess that gets covered now too.

Four Radeon HD 5870 video cards under nitrogen cooling

It seems as if there is nothing interesting we could say about Radeon HD 5870, since Radeon HD 5900 is about to be released. But that is not necessarily true because what you are about to see will blow your mind. Below are the images of four exactly the same video cards linked together and cooled using nitrogen. We have all seen the video with cpu nitrogen cooling and it was quite amazing producing outstanding results. This time we are turning to four Radeon HD 5870 cards linked together, here is what it looks like:

Instead of original cooling fans these video cards received full nitrogen cooling. Thanks to hipro5 overclockers, they were able to accelerate the frequency of the card up to 1242 MHz. Local video memory was working on 1300 MHz. hipro5 used Core i7 975 Extreme Edition processor with only 5333 MHz. All five stages of this test need critical attention because if one fails then they all fail.

hipro5 didn't have to wait for a long time before they scored an outstanding world record 191062 points in 3DMark.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Google Chrome OS released? May be next week?

We've received information back in July that Google is planning to launch its personal operating system. Well, according to the rumors the OS is planned to be released in the next week. Google representatives promised to release their OS in the fall of this year. There are plans that future notebooks will have Chrome OS pre-installed on them. The reason for the delay is the ability to support the minimum amount of devices. A large number of programmers are constantly working on Chrome OS. To create, maintain and support the drivers for the operating system Google gets in touch directly with the manufacturers.

On top of that, to spice things up Google needs a demonstration of the working operating system built on technologies where Google can push aside its competitors. Most likely it will be laptops, mainly and especially from the companies that worked on the operating system, like: Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texax Instruments and Toshiba.

To tell you the truth I can't wait to see what Google did with their OS. Going back to Google's previous projects where everything is neat, fast and efficient I think this is going to be huge. Let's wait and see.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Google is buying Gizmo5

In the beginning of this week there were rumors about Google planning to buy out Gizmo5, the popular player in the phone over IP market. In the last few days Google officially confirmed the news to buy Gizmo5.

According to the published data, Google will buy Gizmo5 for $30 million dollars. Some experts say the purchase of Gizmo5 will allow Google to take a good competitive position in the phone over IP market, similar to Skype. This will expand Google's current IT giant technology Google Talk.

For the moment Gizmo5 will stop providing service to it's current customers ($6/month). Once the deal with Google is complete the service will be renewed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Apple will upgrade iPod touch before the end of the year

In Septmeber, Apple completely upgraded iPod  players. Coming towards the end of the third quarter of the year Apple announces that all models are (players, phones and computers) packaged and ready for shipment. Although, this is far from the truth.

There are rumors that Apple will release a junior version of iPhone 3GS with 8GB of memory. It will substitute the most available iPhone 3G with 8GB of memory costing the same amount - $99 with a contractor. In December Apple will release its upgraded version of iPod touch. The only difference in the new version is the additional camera.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Programming Language To Learn?

This question has been going around forums for a very long time and yet people don't get it. It's simple. First decide what it is it you're trying to accomplish. Do you want to build a website or write an executable program? What tasks you want the application to perform? and so on. Then simply choose any language that works with your idea and find a step-by-step guide. Then start with small exercises and build on them, eventually you will get better and you will progress as you move along. There are lots of tutorials online, some are good, some are bad, and some are just decent. At times it may take you to go through several sources before you understand a certain topic but if you have the desire to learn programming then you will get it.

The reason why I am suggesting to learn any language is because the logic in any programming language is the same, the only difference is the syntax and the availability of certain functions. Which are very limited. Once you understand one language then you know them all, just figure out the syntax.

Having said that, if you want to build a website start with PHP. If you want to write an executable program start with C#, just because it's something I started with in college and it seemed simple enough. I found PASCAL to be more difficult in high school for some reason or may be I just didn't pay attention.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Microsoft realeased an Upgrade Advisor for Windows 7. This utility scans your PC's hardware and software, analyzing and testing. It will determine if your machine is ready to take on Windows 7 and the steps you should take towards upgrading your Windows Operating System.

Technically, if your PC can run Windows Vista flawlessly (disregarding Vista's issues) then the chance of Windows 7 running perfectly on your machine is high.

The utility sends the information it gathers to Microsoft but it is not used to identify or contact you. At least that's what Microsoft reports. You can find more information and download the utility from Microsoft's website right here.

New update for Zune HD

Microsoft released a new update for Zune HD player version 4.3.

The new version enhances the use of the device by enabling horizontal keyboard and automated word completion or suggestion. Here is the video:

Users also noticed the increasing browser speed, updated biographies and built-in links inside the text, the use of the radio, and the viewing of full-sized web-pages. The new update supports current 3D games and applications. The release is planned to happen on October 17, at the same time with the Xbox 360 update.

XBOX 360 XBOX LIVE Connection Failed

It seems that around 600 thousand owners of Xbox 360 lost their right to use Xbox Live service. The reason being is the illegal modification of the console allowing users to play pirated versions of the game. Microsofts indicates that any changes to the console's hardware or software is considered illegal and breaks the Xbox 360 agreement in result disconnecting users from the service.

The business sector in video gaming industry depends on the purchase of the games and/or services. The incomes come from second or third parties allowing gaming companies to develop more games by paying their employees. If the company lacks the necessary budget to make the game then the next "big hit" is going to be your windows calculator.

Microsoft provides no information regarding how they identify modified consoles but they are sure all of them are now officially banned from Xbox Live service.

Being banned from the service does not stop the console from operating but simply now allows to use the Xbox Live service ever again. Microsoft loses around $1 billion because of hacking and cracking actions on the hardware and software.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Java GUI - using Eclipse (GridLayout)

I have spent the last few days searching online a tutorial with a decent explanation on how to create/use GUI functions in Eclipse using Java. Unfortunately, no luck. So after a number of hair pulling and frustrating hours I managed to get down a simple technique which works flawlessly and now I understand how to use the GridLayout properly. This guide is for those that have a general idea of the methods and functions used with GUI and their parameters, but if you want me to expand on something just leave a comment and I'll be glad to do that. At the bottom of the page you will find a screen shot with the code nicely organized.

Here are the steps to making your first GUI using Java. I will use one JComponent to illustrate the use and from there you can expand as much as you like. Here we go.

Step 1: Create a class and import the following: import javax.swing.*; , java.awt.*; and java.awt.event.*;

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class Boom extends JFrame {


Step 2: Declare the variables and initial objects you will use as private. We declare the variables and objects in the class because we want them to be accessible to all methods of the class.

public class Boom {
private JLabel entry;
private JTextField input;
private JButton display;

public String userInput;

Step 3: Create a constructor for the class you created. This is where you will place all of your code for GUI so that when you call the class everything will be initialized, created and drawn to the frame.

public class Boom extends JFrame {
private JLabel entry;
private JTextField input;
private JButton display;

public Boom()

Step 4: Create JPanel. I will post only the portion of the code we are creating but still within the public Boom() constructor.

JPanel p = new JPanel(new GridLayout(3,1));

Step 5: Finalize object declaration.

JPanel p = new JPanel(new GridLayout(3,1));
entry = new JLabel("Text to display:");
input = new JTextField(20);
display = new JButton("Display");

Step 6: Add objects to JPanel.


Step 7: Create and register handlers. These will be responsible to identify which handler reacts to which action, you will see what I mean in a second. (Still in the constructor). Note: Don't worry if the ButtonHandler is underlined as red because we are going to create it in the next few steps.

ButtonHandler b = new ButtonHandler();

Step 8: Create a JFrame and set the necessary values to begin. Add the JPanel you created to the JFrame.

JFrame frame = new JFrame();
frame.setSize(300, 400);

Step 9: Create a private inner class with the same name as the handler object with ActionListener implementation. Here we are outside of the constructor, but still in the class itself, that's why this is called an inner class. Because we are using the same name for the class as the handler, the display button registered with this handler will only react to the ButtonHandler action event.

private class ButtonHandler implements ActionListener

Step 10: Within the private class, create a public void actionPerformed method with (ActionEvent e) parameters. Inside the curly braces set what you want to execute when the handler is triggered.

private class ButtonHandler implements ActionListener
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
if(e.getSource() == display)
userInput = input.getText();
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, userInput);

Step 11: Create a new class with main method and call for Boom class.

public class Run {
public static void main(String[] args) {
new Boom();

Using this technique you can make as many panels as you want grouping your fields, buttons nicely and then simply adding them to the JFrame, like we did (frame.add(p);)

Image here:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Adobe Connect Now

Adobe launched a neat tool for elaboration, business, and personal use among team-members. The web-based interface allows users to:
  • communicate over the microphone;
  • share web-cameras;
  • share files;
  • chat;
  • remote desktop;
  • share desktop view;
This tool even has a built-in whiteboard which allows users to draw/type anything they want and let everyone in the room see what's going on.The room consists of an easy-to-use URL address which is customizable for easy memorization.

The incredible thing about this interface is that it doesn't require any additional software or application components to download, just make sure you have the latest Flash Player (plug-in) installed on your machine and you'll be up and running in no time.

Take advantage of this tool and learn more here:

iPhone Problems with Synchronization

It has been few weeks now since the issue regarding iPhone's sync function has been floating on Apple website. Many users are receiving the "error 0xE8000065" error during the synchronization process. Mostly the users experiencing the problem are using Windows 7 operating system. But the problem is not in Windows 7. The error has been vastly noticed in Windows Vista and motherboard built on Intel P55 Express chips.

Intel has been notified of the problem and is currently working to resolve the issue. It's assumed that the problem is with the BIOS or system configuration. Apple is asking consumers to submit an email with details of their machines where iPhone is used (connected). Meaning Apple is doing their own investigation as well. Microsoft is also up on their feet in search of the bug.

NVIDIA introduces Nexus

NVIDIA developed Nexus industry's first development environment for massive parallel computing. Nexus will be integrated into Visual Studio allow coders to analyze efficiency, performance and speed of the GPU and CPU at the same time.

For more information, click here.

How to Upload iPhone Ringtones for Free

Here is a simple guide to uploading your ringtones to iPhone phones. No additional software or hardware is necessary other than what came with the iPhone. During the process make sure your iPhone is already connected just to be safe.

1. Open iTunes, in the Library (of the PC not iPhone) locate the song you want to use as a ringtone (even if it's a full song).

2. Right mouse click the song and choose Get Info. Choose Options tab and place a check mark for Start Time and Finish Time.

3. Pick the 30-40 seconds of the song you want use as the ringtone and use the minute settings in the Start/Finish Time to set start and finish of the song. For example, the song I like is Good Girls Gone Bad by Cobra Starship. I want the first chorus of the song to be my ringtone. It begins at 00:44 and ends at 01:16. So, in the Options tab with Start and End Time check marks set I would set the Start Time to 00:44:00 and End Time to 01:16:00.

4. Click OK. This will create a copy of the song but only with the specified play time.

5. Right click the small piece you just created and click Create AAC version.

6. Right click and delete the file you just created, but choose Keep Files at the prompt. This will keep the file in iTunes folder but delete it from the application so you don't have duplicates when you sync your iPhone.

7. Go Start>My Documents>My Music>iTunes>iTunes Music, here locate the folder with either the song name you chose or the Artist name. Usually the folder is created based on the Artist's name.

8. Open the folder, if there is another one open it as well. Here you will find your song file with the extension .m4a

9. Simply right-click the file and choose Rename. Change only the extension from .m4a to .m4r and press Enter. (Optional: You can change the name of the file to your preference)
Note: Depending on your windows operating system your extension might not be visible during the rename stage of this guide because windows hides common extensions from users. In this case do the following. Open Control Panel, open Folder Options, select View tab, locate "Hide extensions for known file types" option and remove the check mark, click OK. Now the extensions are visible.

10. Open the file for Playback in iTunes by double-clicking the file. The file is automatically added to your computers Ringtones section.

11. Now, right-click Ringtones in your iPhone section and choose Sync. Done.

Congratulations you have the knowledge to upload as many ringtones to your iPhone as you like at no cost at all. Post your comments and experiences following this guide. Enjoy.