Monday, February 9, 2009

DAEMON Tools Pro 4.30.0304: working with image files

Daemon released a new version of their popular image working utility. Daemon Tools Pro gives you an ability to create and manage already created image files. The software works with all kinds of image extensions - .ccd, .pdi, .bwt, .cdi, .b5t, .nrg, .cue, .isz, .iso. Emulator is capable of converting files to the home extension - .mds.

The main advantage of this image utility is that it bypasses many protections CDs or DVDs may have against copying. The majority of protections that Daemon Tools may work with are SafeDisc, SecuROM, LaserLock, RMPS and others. When creating image files you can add a password protection to control who can and can not view the files.

The new version has updated language module, silent mode is fixed and many other issues have been taken care of.

Designers: Daemon's Home
Distribution: shareware
Operating System: Windows All
File Size: 11.5 MB
Download by clicking here.

EF Mailbox Manager 5.20: check your inbox

A new version of EF Mailbox Manager has been released. Unlike Windows Mail, this is a great utility for checking your email without having to log-in to the POP3 website. The difference between this utility and others is that it gives you the ability to check, write, and delete email messages without having to download emails to your computer. The EF Mailbox Manager works with POP3 accounts. With a server's availability you may setup EF Mailbox in such a way that your password will not be sent over the internet to connect to your inbox.

Designers: EFSoftware
Distribution: shareware, $14
Operating System: Windows All
File Size: 1.4 MB
Download by clicking here.

iPhone 4G from titan in a box?

The next official iPhone announce will happen in June. Until then Apple employees don't have much time to come up with a new design. That's how the concept of iPhone 4G came alive.

As the author indicated, the new iPhone 4G will be made of titan, the display is built using OLED technology, closing the glass. The corners of this device aren't smoothed out as well as iPhone 3G but the functions became a reality: 32 GB memory, 3.2 mega-pixel camera with a recording video function, front camera for video chat (iChat), fully functional GPS, external battery.

iPhone 4G doesn't have as many changes as iPhone 3G, but we're still waiting. But as always, Apple will find a way to satisfy its customers with style.

Three LCD monitors from ASUS for various multimedia activities

ASUSTeK Computer filled their collection with three different Wide LCD screens in one time, all made for the main purpose of watching movies on wide LCD screen.

As mentioned in the press-release, each model has different characteristics and built on progressive technology, including ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology (offers five different pre-configured video settings and three skin color options), Aspect Control Technology (guarnatees a quality viewing of 4:3 aspect images on wide screen monitor) and ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio Technology (allows great increase in contrast ratio). Each model is equipped with Trace Free Technology allowing monitors to have 2 ms response time in GTG setting.

ASUS VK266H characteristics:
  • Screen size: 25.5 inches;
  • Screen ratio: 16:10;
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels (WUXGA);
  • Brightness: 300;
  • Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1 (ASCR);
  • Response Time: 2 ms (GTG);
  • Viewing angle: 160 degrees vertical and 170 horizontal;
  • Sound: two built-in speakers with 3 Watts each;
  • Web-camera: 2.0 mega-pixels with Smart EV (Exposure Value) Control technology;
  • Power use: Around than 60 watt while active and around 2 watts in stand by mode;
  • Interfaces: DVI-D, D-Sub, HDMI, 3.5 mm audio input and S/PDIF-output;
  • Physical dimensions: 597 x 462 x 230 mm;
  • Weight: 7.9 kg.

ASUS VK246H and ASUS VW246H characteristics:
  • Screen size: 24 inches;
  • Screen ratio: 16:9;
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD);
  • Brightness: 300;
  • Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1 (ASCR);
  • Response time: 2 ms (GTG);
  • Angle view: 160 degrees vertical and 170 degrees horizontal viewing ability;
  • Web-camera: 1.3 mega-pixels (only for VK246H);
  • Power usage: Around 60 watts in active mode and around 2 watts in Stand By Mode;
  • Interfaces: DVI-D, D-Sub, HDMI and 3.5 mm audio input;
  • Physical Dimensions: 568 x 422 x 230 mm;
  • Weight: 5.5 kg.
Recommended price for the models ASUS VK266H, ASUS VK246H and ASUS VW246H is set to $800, $600 and $580.

GeForce GTX 260 in original "gold" Gainward version

Official website Gainward published a review regarding their new modified video card built on 55-nm technology, chip called G200-103-B2 with 216 streaming processors. The modified video card is nVidia GeForce GTX 260. As you have noticed more and more companies are applying their modifications to the new chips enhancing video card's performance to the max.

Gainward GTX 260 896 MB TV Dual DVI Golden Sample uses a non-traditional red color, equipped with original dual-layer cooler and two fans and happens to be overclocked by the manufacturer functioning on 625/2200 MHz (core/memory). The built-in accelerator works under PCI Express 2.0 x16 and uses GDDR3 memory with 896 MB capacity with 448-bit interface. Line transfer of 111,89 GB/s. The modified piece supports DirectX 10.0 Shader Model 4.0, nVidia PhysX Technology, nVidia PureVideo HD Technology, nVidia CUDA Technology and nVidia SLI Technology. Also, the card is equipped with two DVI ports and one HDTV-output on the back panel.

Information regarding the cost and start of mass-production is still unavailable.

Galaxy prepared a low-profile GeForce 9500/9400 GT

Rumors say that Galaxy Technology is preparing to present their new video cards of nVidia GeForce 9500 GT and nVidia GeForce 9400 GT, built in low profile and made for effective use in HTPC systems.

Galaxy GeForce 9400 GT Low Profile uses 16 streaming processors, while Galaxy GeForce 9500 GT Low Profile has 32 shader blocks. Each model uses a non-traditional blue color, equipped with DDR2 512 MB memory with 128-bit interface, and functions on 550/1375/800 MHz frequency. Each model uses a single slot cooling system, and uses PCI Express 2.0 x16, supports DirectX 10, and nVidia PureVideo HD Technology, nVidia PhysX Technology and nVidia CUDA Technology. Also, both cards are equipped with DVI, D-Sub and HDTV ports on the back panel.

No official informaiton regarding release date or cost has been released. Check back soon.

HIPER Osiris Desktop Case: Gunmetal

HIPER company announced their new and effective desktop case during a press-release conference, called Gunmetal. The new model is way attractible than previous popular model Osiris. Gunmetal's official model code is HTC-1G514-A2.

This case uses a special metail, called 6063-T5, widely used in military actions. Gunmetal's case wall thickness is 2mm. Overall dimensions are 526 x 202 x 452 mm and weighs 8.4 kg.

Here are some other technical characteristics:

  • Mid-Tower case;
  • Cooling system uses three 120-mm fans all spinning at 1,500 RPMs (one at the back, one at the top of the case, and last one is in front of HDD Mudular-Rack to cool down the drives)
  • Capability to expand up to five 5.25 inch devices and up to five 3.5 inch hard drives;
  • Supports the following motherboard models and standards: ATX, Micro ATX, Flex ATX and ITX;
  • Sevel slots for expansion;
  • The front cover has eSata port, two USB 2.0 ports, and Audio In, Audio Out and Line In ports;
  • Additional holes were made for liquid cooling system tubes.

HIPER Osiris Gunmetal will cost approximately 145 euro.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Raidmax Eclipse Rig for PC Users with a taste

Raidmax company recently presented their new desktop case design, called Eclipse. There is nothing too different about this case that any original case would have. The only thing that makes this case stand out is its unique design with a see-through side window, red lighting, mini-door for optical drives and a nice cooling technique.

Inside the case, hard drive spots have been nicely replaced to allow users easily install new hardware without having to going all over the place. To install new platforms for expansion or optical drives, designers used a special locking system which doesn't require screwdrivers, almost like a snap-on solution.

The case is cooled down using many quite 12-cm fans. There are six12-cm fans in the case allowing them to rotate slowly while producing enough air flow to cool down computer hardware. Two 12-cm fans are located on the see-through side with lighting, one 12-cm fan in front and back, and additional two 12-cm fans on top of the case.

The front panel has USB and audio ports. Also, Raidmax case comes with a 500 WATT PSU (power supply) which allows users to put together a gaming system with dual video-cards.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Do I Change Hotmail Password?

With Hotmail's new design every user has the same question on their mind, how do I change my password? Back in the day all you'd have to do is click Options and anything you want to change or update is there and up to your preference. So, how do you change hotmail password in the new design?

Simple, just follow these steps:

1. Sign-in to your hotmail account

2. Click Privacy in the bottom left corner of the window

3. You will see this pop-up navigation on top of Privacy, click Account

4. Once Account settings are loaded, you will see the Password field, few stars (your current password) and a Change button. Click Change.

5. This step is self-explanatory, simply fill in your old password then type your new password twice for security purposes where necessary, and click Save.

You are officially done. Good luck.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum New Trailer

Recently everyone heard that Batman project has been closed, the company working on it was Pandemic. But don't lose your hope because Eidos is here to save the day. Eidos is currently working on their new and interesting Batman product telling an awesome story of The Dark Knight. Project is called Batman: Arkham Asylum. Today a new trailer has been released from this actiong piece.

In the story line Batman brings Joker to the jail where Joker breaks loose and causes serious trouble. In the end we should expect a fast action game with style. From the trailer you can see that physics of the game have been much improved and graphics are at their best.

Three additional hours of game play for Price of Persia

Price of Persia content will be available February 26, 2009. Ubisoft informs that this add-on will give gamers another three hours of playing time. The mini-package will continue Prince and Elika's story line walking through the underworld (castle).

Also, this package includes: magic power Energize, higher difficulty level, Sprinting Clash (type of attack), new skin prototypes for main characters.

Chrome improves again working with Hotmail

Google the giant is actively working on expanding and enhancing their web browser, called Chrome, but there is still a lot of work to be done. As expected, Chrome doesn't quite work with Hotmail service from Microsoft. Chrome workers decided to release a temporary patch to fix the problem, allowing users to use Hotmail to a limited condition.

Google says that Hotmail started working on making their service usable in Chrome browser, but Microsoft places most of its emphasize on fixing issues with Safari instead. Fixing issues with Safari browser will fix the issue of sending emails using Yahoo Mail and closes possible security holes.

At the moment, many will agree that Google updates Chrome browser almost every week while Hotmail workers are doing it slowly and rarely. Once Hotmail manages to fix their problem with Chrome compatibility it is expected that the patch will be removed or no longer needed.

Mass Effect: patch for PC version

Bioware - creators of Mass Effect, announces that the company has been keeping track of errors and bug of the game on popular forums and message boards. Bioware and Demiurge are working on the patch for Mass Effect and soon we'll see majority (if not all) bugs and errors fixed in this game.

Tracking various forums dedicated to this game allows the company to collect as much information as possible regarding glitches, mistakes, bugs, etc. This will greatly contribute in release one patch to cover most of the bug, instead of releasing a series of patches fixing one or two issues. The official patch release date is still unknown.

MSI Wind U120 Received Unsatisfied Reviews

Laptop Mag got a chance to closely examine MSI Wind U120 and gave a full review on their site (link at the end of the article).

Some of the most interesting features are: cute design, comfortable keyboard (which is a must for laptops), perfect networking abilities and last and most important is the price, which is $379 (pretty much a gift). Unfortunately, the downside of this model is the small mouse pad.

Note that MSI Wind U120 lasts half an hour less on battery life than original Wind model, this makes batter life of about 4.5 hours.

Technical characteristics of MSI Wind U120:

  • Processor - 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom N270;
  • 1 GB Memory;
  • 160 GB hard drive;
  • 10-inch display (1024 x 600 pixels);
  • Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi;
  • Dimensions - 259 x 180 x 33 mm;
  • Weight - 1.27 Kg.

Laptop Mag - complete review