Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wintek begins production of white panels for iPhone 5

The release of white iPhone 4, even with hundreds of rumors going around, never happened. Well, it's too late now because soon the next version of iPhone will be released - iPhone 5. Again, if we trust every post and article we read online.

There are rumors going around that Apple's partner Wintek is going to produce white panels for new version of iPhone smart phone.

Aside from Wintek, there was another company manufacturing touch sensitive panels for iPhone - called TPK. Main reason why consumers never saw white version of iPhone 4 is because TPK's high percentage of defected screens.

Online rumors insists that iPhone 5 will be on sale starting May/June of 2011. Also, the white version of iPhone 5 will be released around that time frame.

While Apple smart phones used plastic panels color was never an issue but the situation changed with release of iPhone 4 which uses glass panels.

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