Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apple iPad 2 will be released without delays

Reuters agency has previously reported a delay in the release of Apple iPad 2 which resulted in Apple's stock to go down by 2.7%.

Recently Reuters announced a correction which indicates their "previous" report was inaccurate and iPad 2 will be released as schedule in month of April.

Yuanta Securities company from Thailand, which announced the possibility of delaying Apple iPad 2 release. Company explained that sudden changes to platform design has created problems for manufacturing device in required time frame.

According to Yuanta Securities, due date set back may cause a drop in iPad 2 sales: from 30.6 million to 23 million per year.

Although, not everyone thinks the same way. Analyst Morgan Keegan refused to change his estimate report and still expects sales to reach 27 million per year.

Quoting: "I think, if release date is pushed forward this will mean Apple iPad 2 will have new features and improved functionality which will compensate for its delay" - Tavis McCourt.

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