Monday, February 9, 2009

HIPER Osiris Desktop Case: Gunmetal

HIPER company announced their new and effective desktop case during a press-release conference, called Gunmetal. The new model is way attractible than previous popular model Osiris. Gunmetal's official model code is HTC-1G514-A2.

This case uses a special metail, called 6063-T5, widely used in military actions. Gunmetal's case wall thickness is 2mm. Overall dimensions are 526 x 202 x 452 mm and weighs 8.4 kg.

Here are some other technical characteristics:

  • Mid-Tower case;
  • Cooling system uses three 120-mm fans all spinning at 1,500 RPMs (one at the back, one at the top of the case, and last one is in front of HDD Mudular-Rack to cool down the drives)
  • Capability to expand up to five 5.25 inch devices and up to five 3.5 inch hard drives;
  • Supports the following motherboard models and standards: ATX, Micro ATX, Flex ATX and ITX;
  • Sevel slots for expansion;
  • The front cover has eSata port, two USB 2.0 ports, and Audio In, Audio Out and Line In ports;
  • Additional holes were made for liquid cooling system tubes.

HIPER Osiris Gunmetal will cost approximately 145 euro.

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