Friday, February 6, 2009

Raidmax Eclipse Rig for PC Users with a taste

Raidmax company recently presented their new desktop case design, called Eclipse. There is nothing too different about this case that any original case would have. The only thing that makes this case stand out is its unique design with a see-through side window, red lighting, mini-door for optical drives and a nice cooling technique.

Inside the case, hard drive spots have been nicely replaced to allow users easily install new hardware without having to going all over the place. To install new platforms for expansion or optical drives, designers used a special locking system which doesn't require screwdrivers, almost like a snap-on solution.

The case is cooled down using many quite 12-cm fans. There are six12-cm fans in the case allowing them to rotate slowly while producing enough air flow to cool down computer hardware. Two 12-cm fans are located on the see-through side with lighting, one 12-cm fan in front and back, and additional two 12-cm fans on top of the case.

The front panel has USB and audio ports. Also, Raidmax case comes with a 500 WATT PSU (power supply) which allows users to put together a gaming system with dual video-cards.

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