Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photo of the Day: car-tank Hummer H2T

Even though this blog is computer hardware and software based I could not help but make this off-topic post.

Looking at the gas prices jumping up and down, gas eating machine like Hummer still uses its popularity to fulfill interests of lovers to ride whenever and wherever. During a SEMA 2008 presentation, which is on at the very moment in Las Vegas, modified Hummer H2T brought the most attention to itself, which has caterpillars instead of wheels. Mechanical-engineers said a switch to caterpillars instead of wheels doesn't add performance or maneuverability of the car. Although, the attention this bad boy gets is more than an average vehicle.

Interesting that any driver these days is capable of switching his wheels to caterpillars on the car or ATV. Mattracks company is specialized in setting up and configuring such modifications.

You have to agree that Hummer H2T is more attractable on caterpillars than wheels, and yet the question remains, why does it need the extra wheel at the back?

What do you think?

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