Monday, November 17, 2008

DeepDyve: New Approach to Internet Search

It seems like there is no more room for new players on the market and yet new approaches to online searching are not stopping. One of new and interesting projects is - DeepDyve. This search engine is capable of finding up to 99% of all web-pages which are not found by other search engines. These pages are not linked to any other pages and that's why they're not indexed by many other search engines like Google.

DeepDyve searches for pages depending on their content, meaning how equivalent the characters entered by the use in the query research to the body text of the web-page. Unlike Google, where maximum searching query request is only 32 words, DeepDyve is able to handle up to 25 thousand characters. Search engine scans the page, identifies equivalent fragments and then picks the articles that are most likely match the query request.

In the present time DeepDyve already indexed 500 million pages. At the moment using the search engine you may find articles related to medicine, pharmacy, patent and life science only! In the future DeepDyve will be enhanced so users may find information regarding IT, science and energy.

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