Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How To Download Free Movies

Over the past month I've spent quite a lot of time on computer related forums and Q & A (questions and answers) websites. What I noticed is that a lot of people keep asking the same question, "How to download free movies? or How to download movies for free?" After numerous posts I realized that I can't re-type the same explanation to different users asking the same question as it becomes tiring and frustrating. But, I am here to help, so I've decided to write a brief summary on how to download free movies.

I'm not a fan of reading long posts or articles so I'm going to keep this guide as simple and to the point as possible. Without a further delay, lets begin.

1. How do I start?

To begin you will need to decide on a movie title you would like to download. For example, lets use "War" which came out in 2007 with Jet Li and Jason Statham. A little history: It has been a while since majority of websites switched to P2P Networking. P2P Networking allows multiple network connections at the same time to share information in between. P2P - stands for Peer-to-Peer Networking. P2P Networking allows you to connect almost directly to the file's source and download from there. If more then one person with a network has exactly the same file downloaded you will be connected to them also and your download speed will increase. Almost all large websites have switched (or switching) to a 'torrent' based system.

2. How torrent websites work?

In the beginning, there was a major website and many users visited the website but most of them downloaded a movie, game, music albums and then left which caused other people longer download time. Torrent websites consist of 'Seeders' and 'Leachers'.

Seeders - are users that have full file you want to download, they are the main source.
Leachers - are users that are downloading files from seeders.

Basically the more users are seeding (sharing) a file the faster your download speed will be. Because a lot of people download the file they need and then vanish torrent sites have a built-in system which requires registration and track your downloads and uploads. Initially, once registered you start of with a ranking score of 1.0, everything depends on the website settings. Ranking system has been developed to maintain download:upload proportion. For example, if you download a movie 1GB and disconnect from the network your ration is 1:0. This leaves the main user seeding the file on his own again, to raise the ration you have to let other users download from YOU 1GB of data to make ration 1:1. That way not only your rank goes up but you help seed the file which means more people will download the movie faster and more people will start sharing. That's how P2P Network lives on.

3. What do I need to work with torrent files/websites?

There are quite a few applications that handle torrent files. Torrent - simply is a file that connects you and the source together, the website is there to help you find each other. First application that I'm in favour is BitComet, and second is BitTorrent. It doesn't matter which one you choose, both of them work fine, its just that some torrent sites prefer one software over the other.

To download BitComet click here.
To download BitTorrent click here.

4. What are some popular torrent websites to start with?

Personally, I start my search with Mininova and so on, here is the list:

There are hundreds and thousands of torrent websites on the Internet, but I prefer these three before all other. If the file you are searching for is nowhere to be found on the above listed websites you may simply query the search in Google. For example, "war 2007 torrent" without quotes, the search results will bring up all websites where the keywords (war, 2007, torrent) are found on one page, most likely its the download page.

5. Done!!!

That's it, you are done. This was mostly an informative or theory like explanation on how to download free movies and you didn't waste your time reading because now you know what most of the terms and titles mean when you click this link and start the practice guide.


  • torrent - file which connects user wishing to download a file with a source where the file is located
  • seeds - number of people who already download the file and currently sharing it with others
  • leachers - users currently downloading the file


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