Sunday, April 3, 2011

New features and interface Chrome 12 and Firefox 5

Google is actively working on their web browser Chrome. Mozilla is also forcing the release of final version. This summer users will finally get Chrome 12 as well as Firefox 5. These version will include: increased productivity, fixed bugs, and optimization. Also, interface changes.

Recently Google announced a compilation of Chrome browser for developers version 12.0.712.0. Among all the new features Chrome has acquired few stand out the most. One of these features is allowing the user to select multiple tabs/windows by holding the Control (Ctrl) key, then use can perform various tasks on all selected items, such as: close tabs, restart tabs, relocate tabs, etc. For newly opened tabs (without a page) there is access for mobile application for smart phones.

While this is happening Mozilla will make changes to the recently released Firefox browser version 4. Main changes will include the interface for Firefox 5. The release of Firefox 5 will happen a lot faster than version 4, approximately less than four months.

On the picture below you'll see a template for the new interface which has includes new design and a new way of managing bookmarks, which supports multiple accounts.

The feature you see above will allow user to log into Facebook, Gmail and other resources without having to open another tab or windows browser. Users will be able to switch accounts in the same window using that tiny icon. Firefox 5 should be released in the end of June.

Mozilla took over a year to develop Firefox 4. In the first day of releasing version 4 approx. 8.75 million copies have been downloaded, which set a new record comparing to Firefox 3 back in 2008 (8 million in 24 hours).

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