Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Intel demonstrates Moorestown platform with MeeGo OS

Intel and Nokia have been actively working on the new operating system MeeGO. First system should be released this year.

The most exciting piece of technology which has been presented by Intel was the prototype platform on Moorestown chip with MeeGo operating system. It is really easy to understand and use the device and you can see that for yourself through this video clip.

There are two main interfaces for this device: desktop panel and a network. The desktop panel is just like your computer desktop which consists of multiple shortcuts to various applications installed on the device. Whichever one you select that one will open up and expand across the screen. The second view is much more interactive. It has all your applications and utilities in one line so to say. Using your fingers you just slide across the screen to view your applications, videos, movies, pictures, books, music, etc. All your Facebook and Tweeter updates are constantly updated without your interference.

Moorestown chip is built-on 1.5 GHz frequency which allows the device to play videos in 720p format. Using the images you can tell that the device is very slim and light in it's physical attributes but the viewing angle isn't that great. We should point out the touch screen is very sensitive which may be a disadvantage when holding the device.

Even though Intel is making clear comments that the device itself and it's operating system is still under heavy construction people that viewed and demoed the system were very pleased and are looking forward to the launch.

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