Friday, December 11, 2009

Half of the users are ready to pay for third-party applications

Samsung offers mobile applications for sale through their Samsung Application Store. Obviously before selling the products Samsung conducted a survey asking their users whether they are willing to pay for useful applications. The survey was done in British Columbia, France and Italy.

The results are outstanding 42% of the voters would pay for applications for their mobile phones. From the given percentage 54% of those offered as much as 5 euro per third-party application.

Here is some relevant statistics based on the survey:
  • 34% - users that never installed applications are willing to pay for applications useful for navigation while they travel;
  • 12% - for photos/images/pictures;
  • 11% - for work related reasons;
  • 9% - for shopping
Samsung also found out that women are most interested in games than man - 70% vs 57%. Everyone 1 out of five users complain that the market lacks good quality browsing applications, what the market has now does not meet user requirements. Designers should also pay more attention to the content of work and travel applications.

In addition, 43% of users launch their third-party applications only one time - may be because they are bored or low quality.

What do you use your third-paty applications for? And how often you use them? Are you willing to pay for your additional applications? Respond in comment section.

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