Sunday, November 15, 2009

Google Street View shows the world unusual images

As we all know, there are a lot of people currently unhappy with the service Google Street View because it takes images of people without their permission. But so far Google has managed to successfuly battle with these problems. This recent story shows a woman was brought down by strong winds produced by the rushing emergency vehicle somewhere in Holand.

Google becomes a witness to this incident. In more detail a fire truck was rushing through the small streets of Holand and using its large mass created strong winds/vertex which caused an elder woman to fall of the bike in the middle of the road. The fire truck did not hit the lady, it was just the wind. Seems like a small fact but now the whole world knows about it thanks to Google Street View.

To avoid any conflict with future complaints regarding people's faces being photographed Google started to block people's faces using the blur effect. Also, on this image you can see the license plate on the car being blurred as well. I guess that gets covered now too.

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  1. O contraste ficou bacana, não é? E o fato de não fazer parte do contexto, a primeira vista, é um dos motivos icríveis de se trabalhar com imagens!
    Grata pela visita!