Wednesday, March 23, 2011

USB 3.0-Renesas chips may become a deficit after May

The Japanese company Renesas commented on the rumors about the lack of USB 3.0-controllers. Indeed, the lack of first-generation chips uPD720200 producer confirmed, but the controllers of the second generation uPD720200A until everything is in order. But because of the energy policy of Japan motherboard manufacturers may feel the lack of USB 3.0-chips after May.

After Renesas announced the temporary suspension of production capacity, the industry rumors that its USB 3.0-chips are already in short supply. In fact, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan coincided with the period when producers are engaged in active release of motherboards based on Intel chipsets corrected 6 Series, and the demand for USB 3.0-chips rose sharply. Renesas expects that the situation will be beneficial to the growing popularity of second-generation controllers. But their adoption producers need to spend about a month for tests.

Meanwhile, the Japanese company is already preparing to release a USB 3.0-chip third generation. Novelty should be certified USB-IF in July, and deliveries will start in September this year.

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