Sunday, March 6, 2011

TeamViewer 6.0.10344: remote administrator (control)

The release of TeamViewer is now available - simple solution for remote desktop connection or administration. This application is very unique because it doesn't require complex configurations or installation to get create a connection between two individual computers. During application execution each computers receives an identifier which is used to connect to it. All you have to do is enter the ID of the computer you would like to connect to and TeamViewer will do the rest. TeamViewer supports file transfer.

Sixth version updates:
  • updated QuickSupport module;
  • built-in QuickJoin module which is used for creative conference demonstrations;
  • TeamViewer allows manual configuration for personal preference;
  • Optimized connection; allows for faster and more stable signal, especially among corporate networks;
  • Interface changes;
  • Ability to automatically reconnect on computer restart and/or disconnect;
  • You can protect TeamViewer options using a password;
Distribution: freeware (for personal use)
Operating System: Windows All, Mac OS X, Linux
Download from here.

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