Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lian Li PC-A05N Black Desktop Case

Lian Li recently announced their new invention, PC-A05N in mini-tower form. The new design has the following dimensions 210 x 381 x 490 mm, it's unique because of its PSU placement. Instead of the standard (back-top) location, Lian Li moved it to the bottom which allows the case to be so low and compact.

As confirmed by the designers, the nontraditional placement of the power block increases air circulation. Stream of air is forced backwards instead of forwards. The air gets sucked in from the back using a 12-cm fan and blown out in-front using 12-cm fan through specially designed holes in front panel.

PSU standard ATX is located in the front lower part of the case, but the plug itself is located at the back as usual. The case has a built-in holders for two 5.25" optical drives, one external and three internal additional 3.5" drives in an anti-vibrational box. Every hard drive is held by an anti-vibrational layers, which lower the humming noise caused by hard drives. This case is designed to support Micro-ATX and ATX motherboards, supports 7 PCI slots, and has an very good ventilation system for them. PC-A05N is designed to fit long video cards. For multimedia input/output, there are two USB 2.0 ports, one IEEE1394 port, and one HD+AC97 sound port.

New PC case is ready for distribution, you may place your order from Lian Li directly. Recommended price by the designers is about $95 (without tax).

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