Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaming PC from BFG - Phobos

New information became available regarding first gaming PCs from BFG Technologies. First presentation was done at CES 2009. The product is called Phobos, assembly is done manually. Elite system is for busy users with 6 months of free tech support.

There are three different versions of Phobos, each varies in price and characteristics:
  • Phobos Performance (from $3000);
  • Phobos Advanced (from $5000);
  • Phobos Elite (from $8000)

Eight-inch sensor display is used for monitoring main hardware and profile selection. Liquid cooling technology from CoolIt is used to keep the main CPU and video cards cool at all times. In addition, the PC will contain additional docks for iPhone and iPod. In terms of operating system, the Windows Vista Ultimate Media Center will be used in addition with a TV-tuner and a remote control.

All users need is a decent budget and the rest will be taken care of by BFG Technologies. Delivery, assembly, tuning and during the first six months technical support employees will be more than happy to visit you and fix/tune your PC at no charge.

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