Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thermaltake WB200 - water cooling system

For those computer fans preferring water cooling over fans for their desktop systems, Thermaltake Technology suggests a new water block WB200 (serial number CL-W-0182), designed to effectively eliminate leftover warmth from north side of the motherboard.

The block weighs 95.5 grams, made of full copper, dimensions are 40 x 40 x 8.6 mm. This device has Enhanced Universal Clip for universal holding, few specially designed Rotational Hose Connectors, supporting tube 3/8 diameter and is built to use Brazing Technology, completely eliminating any kind of liquid leaks and continuing life. The device is recommended with use of BigWater Series, including BigWater 375 and BigWater 745 for best results.

No official price has been announced.

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