Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oklick Z-1 Mouse - Russian Tool for Cyber-sportsman

Oklick presented a new mouse specially designed for gamers. Oklick Z-1 is built with highly sensitive sensor, that allows adjusting "on-the-go" (from 400 to 3200 dots per inch). Packaging includes 7 weighted add-ons, installed in special cylinder underneath the mouse. With its help you can manually set the weight of mouse for your own preference.

Also, Oklick Z-1 has a wide wheel, allowing it to scroll vertically and in horizontal direction, two additional buttons under the big thumb with three different settings. The frame has a built-in identifier that shows which profile is currently activated.

The main and cool part about Oklick Z-1 is the built-in memory which saves your settings even when the system is offline. The frame is built from plastic and few cuts on the side.

Oklick Z-1 was picked by the official World Cyber Games 2008 Russia Preliminary championship.

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