Sunday, September 7, 2008

Google is 10 years old

On September 7th, 1998 two 25-year old graduates from Standforth Universtiy (Sergei Brin and Larry Page) launched Google. It was the beginning of today's number one successful internet projects which became the internet core in the past 10 years.

As we all know the first company office was a garage in north California, rented with friends and Larry's girlfriend. Google co-workers spent five months working in the garage. First Google employee became Craig Silverstein, which is currently the technological director.

Rumors about new search engine using brand new faster and simple algorithems came flying around quickly, so Google rapidly gained its popularity. By the end of year 2000, search engine already served over 100 million requests per day.

In that same year (2000) for the first time website got its first ad (notice) - Google began selling online keywords and in the result paid links appeared. This earning strategy to this day earns Google large sum of income.

2001 became a well-known day for the company, part of the workforce became the director Eric Shmitt, former Novell director of Sun technologies.

2004 is well-known because Google launched its new Gmail application, and 2006 has whole two new reasons: one Google bought YouTube, and second beat for most visited sites and became second after

Last year Google made another great investing by purchasing DoubleClick company, which costed $3.1 million dollars. Lastly, the most interesting event this year is the launch of Chrome browser that was presented last week.

Today, Google has over 20 thousand employees and the company is worth around $150 billion dollars.

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