Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The End of The World: has been rescheduled for October

Technology has, is and always will be playing a huge role in our daily lives. But this is where physics, chemistry and top of the line technology including scientists and professionals gathered together for big step into something good or bad.

These last few months everyone has been talking about physics, protons and other complications. On September 10th, we managed to live through a beginning of 'new era' - thats exactly what scientists call the trial launch of the Huge Hadron Collider (or as I'd like to call it, 27 kilometer Ring of Death). Massive accelerator, rumors about sci-fi effects have been going for months now.

Someone assumed that September 10, 2008 will become the last day for humanity - because the test itself holds a true black hole which has the potential to destroy the earth. Another theory - that collider will corrupt time and we will all end up in middle age times. Ain't that exciting?

Although, well educated people that have experience with physics are saying that this test isn't big of a deal. Some of them assume that the whole setup will produce an 'error' or simply won't start, meaning unsuccessful trial attempt. One european scientist mentioned that collider's results or effects may be compared to two mosquitoes colliding against each other in a huge forest.

Today, the accelerator wasn't at its full power. A pack of protons travelled through the ring (circumference of which is 27 kilometers) clockwise and counter-clockwise. The experiment was controlled by thousands of computers and scientists. This test allowed physics to prepare for the "Big Bang" adventure, which will happen officially on October 21, 2008. Although, we don't think that all scientists, specialists and professionals working on the project are suiciders or killers deciding to finish with humanity once and for all.

Taking into consideration all stories about the end of the earth, planet Earth managed to survive this day and hopefully samething 40 days from now.

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